One day i did write her name upon the strand

But came another who washed it away

Again i did the same

But came the tide and made my pains his prey

Her voice came so soft

Compared to the one at the loft


We met just like every normal  being

But tales can only tell what we have seen

Her face lit up so clean

That you can hardly mean

Still and powdered, Still and perfumed

A lady indeed to be presumed

Though most of her are not found


Inspite all is sweet and all is sound

Giving a look and a face

That makes simplicity a grace

Her clothes seemed flowing looks seemed cool


Inspite all your adulteries of war

They strike my eyes and my heart

Because i wanna be a part

Of one of your lovely carts


Looks are said to be deceptive

But i think you are receptive

People may think i am objective

But to be frank with you its speculative


Tender,kindhearted and mild

But can act otherwise wild

Acknowledging people of your kind

As a sign of being brought to light


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