Gunshots and bombs spell war and #terror
It’s kinda the same with every tribe race and #color
Now turning our kids to violence #editors
Who discuss it at assemblies like chirping #senatorsThe after effects re worse than a horror #film
That we see on news like a photographic #film
The days after re filled with tears, sorrow, and #pain
That day would forever leave a bad #stain

You pray for French #fries
And call us low #lives
But u only popped
While we boil #twice

With d joy of #accomplishment
Saddled with #merriment
They have achieved vending #trauma
And thrown the world into a serious play-like #drama

So let’s not pretend
That the war doesn’t affect our lives #ahead
All because we have a roof above our #head
Doesn’t mean we sit back nd wait to see d #end

But let us stand up and fight this global #war
And drink the milk of peace gotten from the victory #cow
Let us be our brothers keepers and not our brothers #Medusa
Let us all join hands till this evil beast is gone very #far



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