Evil pendulum 2-THE REBIRTH


Tick tock goes the pendulum
Swinging back and forth, taking everyone
Not a clock but a pendulum
An evil one pulling pins off bombs

Tick tock, I’m in flip flops
I trek while they cruise in their big trucks,
Splashing wet mud from that Benz-Ford
That they can afford thanks to our funds

Tick tock I am homeless
Looking hopeless in a black dress.
I mourn while they talk about best dressed
And one of them preaches common sense?!

Tick tock, I am unemployed
A neglected one, a rejected one.
In a land I claim to be my fatherland,
“One for all” but it’s “all for one”.

Tick tock, where’s equality?
What is governance without quality?
I look at our people, they suffer from evil
And they talk about our humanity!!!

Tick tock, we’re like cats nd dogs
I’m the little “Jerry” u’re the bigger “Tom”
I selected you, I accepted you
But now I regret with every passing sun….
……….To be continued

Lend your voice to this fruitful cause. Join ur hands in this bid to stop the pendulum.
Be a part of d OAP(OJD and ANDY POEMS) team by sending in your four(4) lines stanzas to grow this poem. Let’s hit the 15 stanza target TOGETHER


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