Tick tock goes the pendulum
Swinging back and forth, taking everyone.
Not a clock but a pendulum
An evil one, pulling pins off bombs.

Tick tock, I’m in flip flops
I trek while they cruise in their big trucks,
Splashing wet mud from that Benz-Ford
That they can afford, thanks to our funds.

Tick tock, I am homeless,
Looking hopeless in a black dress,
I mourn while they talk about “Best dressed”
And one of them preaches “common sense?”

Tick tock, I am unemployed,
A neglected one, a rejected one,
In a land I claim to be my fatherland,
“One for all” but it’s “All for one”

Tick tock, where’s equality?
What is governance without quality?
I look at our people, they suffer from evil
And they talk about our humanity!

Tick tock we are pike cats and dogs
I’m the little “Jerry”, u’re the bigger “Tom”
I’m now short of money but you think its funny
Its all back and forth like a pendulum

Tick tock no stability
How then do we improve our ability?
They contest as credible formalities
And we vote them and their hideous activities

Tick tock, hear the rooster crow
See our barren lands where nothing would grow
Tick tock, no fertilizer
We don’t grow food but appetizers

Tick tock, I’m counting my loss
I pray for the better and wait for the worse
I send oral letters with pains in my voice
Cos I do remember, I made you my choice

Tock tick, tick tock,
Talk sit, sit talk
Did we think, did we not?
Did we speak, or where we stuck?
Did we leap, did we duck,
As it swung by, tick tock?

What to do, it to stop?
To the roots, dig we must
And then, clean we the dust.
Surprise, surprise, see we us,
Tick tock in eardrums
Sounds of the dead ones.
Buried under cold dust while they sleep on gold crust

Tick tock, come what may,
All at once like yesterday,
Tick tock, we hope, we pray
In sweat and tears to rejoice one day.

Tick tock, I am suffering like a heated bun
Ding dong, while we’re perishing, we would rise as one.
To see the end of this darkened sun,
A wrecking ball for this PENDULUM!!!

Contributions by:-
David Roi
OAP family

Visit: igbecha.WordPress.com
For more info


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