Share – Title:Women why!,Content:U want a shoe, a bag and a #necklace
Ankara, Hollandis and d best #lace
Bt u can’t even get me a #shoelace
Or a #briefcase, what a #disgrace
When u want to make up, it must be #mary_Kay,
First question when U wake up is “money 4 d #day?”
I guess u only care ’bout what pockets gotta #say
Bt mine would Neva pay, it’s on a #holiday
Just like likkle birds, u re synonymous to #twitter
U’re being so loud just to get another #mister
U snap with every other guy, and post it on #insta
U call them ur other halves, u must be a #pizza… Ha!
Women why? Women, women #why!
Even 4rm ancient tyms, u’re known to always #lie
Women why, women, women why?
I’m stopping at this point cos d Cypher’s getting #dry


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