Well yh. The truth is. If the situation is totally relived then everything would happen exactly as it did before so there’s no room for a new life.

Yh that’s true. But then no event actually happens more than once. If you consider factors like weather, temperature, and sights and sounds of subliminal and subconscious influences. In this case memory is also a factor. So one can be sorry theoretically.

Okay true. I couldn’t help but notice you said temperature and weather like they are two independent variables though.

Yh I did

So you’re saying they are? Two different places could be influenced by the same weather but different temperatures?

Yes precisely. You seem like you need proof. Not just my affirmation.

Yes. Exactly. Just admit you made a mistake or prove to me how temperature and weather could be independent factors.

Well.. They could be because temperature can be artificially manipulated. One room could have the heater on and the other a cooler. All in the same house. On the same sunny or rainy day.

Hmmm. True. But then that would mean the room is closed right. Then our person here doesn’t have weather as a factor anymore. Because it doesn’t matter what happens outside but just what happens in the room.

Well.. It depends on the limits of “closed”. A glass box is closed. Yet one can still be influenced by external happenings.

Well.. I see that. But try to keep your logic precise. Or else it sickens me. A flash box might not be closed. It could…


…Well.. I see that. But try to keep your logic precise. Or else it sickens me. A flash box might not be closed. It could have one of the 6 sides closed and still be a box. But the inner space is necessary or else it becomes a block. Although that isn’t necessary in this context.

Well. Mr precision. I agree and yh I am right. Weather and temperature could influence one’s behavior as two different factors.

I see that now but I have something to throw you off the boat with. I agree. Just to be sure you know what you’re saying.

Yh bring it on. I love puzzles. I am undeterred.

So since our imaginary glass box is closed. How does weather influence what’s inside. Since temperature is controlled. All that’s left to go in is sight and sound. How does weather still play a role?

Well you said it. Sight and sound. Lightening and thunder. That was easy. Or if we don’t even want to go extreme we could consider the brightness or darkness. And before you say that is about the time of the say and not weather, I am referring to brightness as a result of having a clear sky or a darker day as a result of cloudiness. And cloudiness is part of the weather

Okay now that’s quite precise. So we’ve agreed that nothing happens twice. So one has the chance to be sorry theoretically if the situation they are sorry for repeated itself, because memory of the past amongst other factors make each new time different

Yh we have. But then we must realize that not everyone actually thinks…


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