…But then we must realize that not everyone actually thinks about all when they say they’re sorry. They simply say it.

Yes. And that means many people may not actually be sorry even if they say they are. Because there’s only just a probability that the change in circumstances would make them act in another way.

Yh. True. The presence of a stimulant doesn’t guarantee a certain reaction. One person is cold; he grabs a blanket. Another is cold; he takes of his shirt to feel even more of the cold

In essence we only established there is a probability of being sorry not a certainty. So which of us said he was sorry again?

I don’t remember. I do remember we have one left issue to settle. The one that couldn’t be said to prevent being called crazy.

Yh that. But do you remember who had the thing in mind but couldn’t say so he doesn’t get called crazy?

No I don’t. But I seem to know what the person had in mind to say but couldn’t say.

Okay what is it? Answer like you’re the person.

Okay then. Well. What I wanted to say is. I have an explanation to why I forgot my line. It also has to do with why anyone of us can remember anything anyone of us forgot.

Yh it’s almost like we have the same mind source. And when we tap into it at different times and frequencies we get different signals which could sometimes be what was intended for someone else.

Or maybe it was intended for us both. Maybe we are the same person.

Okay you’re crazy you think we are two people…


…you think we are two people sharing the same mind?

No more like we’re one person splitting the same mind. We’re probably a projection of our author’s thoughts

You mean we are actually two sides of the same thinking. One person arguing with himself.

Yes. Exactly. In fact right now he is talking to himself about us talking two each other about him talking to himself about us taking to each other.

That is a good explanation for why we switch roles and memories. It makes sense.

Yh but it’s depressing. It means all the brilliant logic we meddle with aren’t really our making. But the words of this author?

Ehn. But don’t be too sad. Your limitations are as well the limitations of the author’s mind. As your strengths also are.

What do you mean?

I mean if we are senseless without the author feeding us with words, it means the author is also senseless

Yh. Because we are his thoughts. So he is no better than us. He constantly have to feed us with his wisdom in other for him to seem wise. After all we are the image seen on the mirror when he looks at himself.

Yh you’re right. He probably is doing this just to boost his ego anyways.

Yh but I think it’s a brilliant idea though. To organize his thoughts by creating two people to carry them. Almost like he is now three people.

You see? Ego! He just made you say his work is brilliant. What an egotist!

that’s one way to look at it. I think he is more cautious about being seen as that than you think, because…


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