The Conversation

Hey what’s up?

Good not bad, you?

I am great

Is that like a way of demeaning my response?

Who cares about your response. I am just giving mine.



‘I was’ not ‘I am’

And you thought I was being an ass

Okay sorry

No you’re not

Yes I am

No you’re not, you being sorry would mean if we relived the entire situation, you wouldn’t have said what you said

That sounds reasonable but it really isn’t


You’re asking why?

Yh I want to know

I know you want to know but you hardly ask why. You just assume

Well, Hardly not never

Oh it’s your turn I guess

My turn for what. No wait I know. Never mind

Anyways I can’t think of my line

That’s weird, we haven’t been having this conversation for more than 30 minutes

That is not necessarily true our conversation is in texts the time frame depends on the speed of whoever is reading

Okay that’s true. But still. Oh wait expect if this is an actual phone conversation then one would have to limit the time to the actual time spent. Not the reader’s time

Yh true

Okay so why do you think you forgot your line

I know what we were talking about. I just forgot what I was to say next

You say that like what you’re to say next is fixed

Yh I actually think it is.

By whom?

By the author

Who is?

Never mind. you’ll call me crazy

You’re crazy

Oh right. So you called me crazy now so it wouldn’t make any difference if I chose not to say what I had in mind

Yup exactly. Okay not exactly..


Yup exactly. Okay not exactly if you think about it a bit further.

Oh right. Because you could still call me crazy afterwards making it two crazys

Exactly. So it makes a difference. Of one crazy to be precise.

But that doesn’t have a mathematical implication

Yes it does. Crazy plus crazy equals two crazy

But calling you crazy twice doesn’t make you twice as crazy. Like saying he is rich. He is rich. Doesn’t mean he is twice as rich as I meant he was when I said it only the first time

Maybe. But it is also possible that calling him rich the second time serves purpose of emphasis

True. But that is subjective. Rather true only on your scale. If you usually say it once but this time twice. If one person said he is rich another could as well say he is rich twice or say he is riiiiiiich.

True though. But still that would mean that each person’s opinion is factored by a constant k which represents the speakers idea of what being rich is. Or simply the person’s current financial state

So you insist it does make mathematical difference


No. Obviously. Because I agree.

Okay. You do know we have two unsettled issues right?

Yes the one that can’t be said for the fear of being called crazy and the one about what being sorry really means

I can’t remember which of us was to explain further but one of us said being sorry means if the situation was relived entirely, the sorry person would do things differently.

Well yh. The truth is. If the…


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