Loool!!!!! LOCAL LOVE!!

Local Love

Guys be like;
“I’ve dated before
And Courted before
I’ve seen a lot of ladies and more
But none was worth me “dying to fall”

I hit the bullseye and the jackpot
With a bit of cute lies with the right shot
But that mixture had no future
No bigger picture, just a passport

But what I have for you is amazing
Forget Romeo, he was playing
Jack and Rose; Titanic; that was child’s play
I will show you the fire, it is blazing”

“You’re the apple of my eye”
A first class surgeon would say
And you’re still “patient” with the guy
When u should keep the doctor away

You are finer than Agbani
Ogbeni Darego
You can be the miss world noni
But he didn’t say so


If you truly love me like you say
Take me shopping in U.K
Sightseeing in S.A
After cruising round L.A

We can shop in Dubai
Gold and Silver, we would buy
Far yonder, will I consider
If your love is not a lie.

“I live in lekki phase 2”
A.K.A “face me I face you”
“I’ll send you my D.P from my 3310
Alias my BB torch 2

My hair is Brazilian
And the dress is Peruvian
Imported from Asia
Made by Germans and Italians

Chai… Like they say: DiaRisGod
Packaging has improved to perfection
From the looks to the words
I’m no saint, this is just comic correction

OJD concepts
Pecan Crew™


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