Let’s take a moment to appreciate the world,
To see the beauty in “UGLY” as a word,
To see perfection created without correction
And to be armed with this knowledge like a shield and a sword

Let’s save a gaze for outside the window
Let’s see beyond the dream, way beyond the pillow.
Let’s leave the box within and think of the things unseen
As we spice the milk and honey with a dab of Milo.

There is a future that is yet to be tapped,
Another race that is yet to be lapped
It’s different from the past, looks familiar with the present
But it’s just a different journey that is yet to be mapped.

I talk of romance and you fall in love
I keep on talking but it’s not enough
Buy when I talk of nature and how u’re a special creature
You just scroll and keep on scrolling just to shut it off.

Life is not a game, not about the fame
It is not to be toyed with like a local bet.
Be your own little self, and do away with shame
Cos life is just something that happens right before your death

OJD Poems™


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