My Love

Love conquers all

Pec geeks
My Love
I searched far and deep
Back and forth, yet the shepherd’s keep
I discovered a precious diamond
In the midst of a myriad of comets
Plunging through the depths of my heart
Like one would shatter the brains behind the cranium

I cherish you even when it seems tough
Because the road to love is one rough
I’ll love you when you are smart
Anyway you are from the start

I loved the times we spoke and played around
When we scrabble our identities on the plain ground
You came into my world and showed me love
Your physique coupled with a tint of curve

Sixty and a milliseconds with you
Sends a thousand and one nerve impulses and currents too
If gravity cannot be held responsible for our love
What about the force of attraction
You surrogate and I reciprocate the gesture

I imagine that we walk on paths
Filled with hope and happiness
Winding with excitement that is incessant
That we see dawn
Bursting with resplendent hues
And birds soaring in the sky
Persuading us to hum along
I imagine our folktale
Has no dead end or beginning
But continues like the universe
Lamzy 😊


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